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The STUDIO gel. UV/LED comes with a ‘power switch’ mode. This allows you to choose 24W or 48W to control your warmth setting. 

Timer settings include 5, 30 & 60 seconds. We recommended you cure your SG gels for 60 seconds between coats to ensure your mani is perfectly cured when finished. 
The magnetic base reflects light to ensure that curing is done throughly, this makes it super easy to remove for pedicure use. 

This lamp sets all STUDIO gel colours as well as top, bases and builder gels. 
Please note the SG lamp comes with an NZ plug. 


Do not look directly into the lamp when plugged in & turned on. Keep gel polish bottles away from the lamp when it is on to reduce the risk of your gels curing. 
To care for the printing of the logo & numbers on your lamp, do not use substances such as alcohol, acetone or such a chemical that could break down the printing. 

Product Details: 

Size: 8cm H, 18.5cm L & 15cm W

Power: 24W - 48W